Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fund Total: $645.50

We received a referral bonus on our Chase card for $50 and made another $100 from Swagbucks, which we turned into a Disney gift card.

Table $30

Pink Dresser $30

Justice Backpack $10

Pink Nightstand $10

Microscope (Jak's and he no longer wanted it) $15

I also sold several pairs of shoes on Ebay a total of $60.  I bought each pair for $1.50 at a local thrift shop.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A New Trip Planned = A New Goal

A lot has happened since we paid for our last Disney trip with trash.  We purchased a home AND we adopted a sweet little girl from China.   So our saving goals have been a lot different the past couple of years, but we are excited to say that we have decided to head to Disney in the fall of 2017 and want to pay for it solely from "extra" money (not money normally in our monthly budget).   I'll be keeping track on the side bar as we save.  Thankfully, we have many months to reach our goal of $4500!!!

Right now, the breakdown of our goal looks something like this:

$500 from Disney Visa Rewards (we pay this off monthly and only use the card for large expenses)
$600 from Swagbucks (this is assuming that Zak and I both make $25/month from now until next August)
$3400 from trash sales

If I break down the trash sales into 52 weeks, we need to make $65/week from trash.  I guess we better get started!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fund Total: $2265

Tithing: -$60.30

Books (sold some to Half Price books, the others I donated to the library) - $58.50

Side table - $15

Binoculars - $20

Bird house- $20

Step 2 Playhouse (an AWESOME find!!) -$100

Moses Basket- $15

Little Tikes picnic table - $15

Desk- $20

Headboard- $25

Twin bed- $30

Mega bloks- $15

Shoe rack- $10

Monday, July 29, 2013

Fund total: $1966

TV stand- $15

 Plastic animals- $10

Plastic horses- $15

Walker- $15

Art portfolio- $25

Plastic dinos- $10

Plastic dogs/cats- $10

Small dresser- $40

Diaper cart- $10

Marble table- $25

Books (someone threw all of the pictured books in the trash!! I rescued them and the money here is just from the smallest box.  I took it to Half Price books and they kept some of the books.  The rest I will donate to the library.  I will also take the other two boxes another day.)- $23

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fund total: $1768

Tithing: -$55

DVD drive (not from the trash, just no longer used)- $20

 Double size headboard- $15

Baby swing- $15

Side table (got this from the trash and decided to paint it for fun.  I almost wanted to keep it afterwards, but no room.  It sold right away!)- $40

Wicker table- $30

Plastic toy box- $30

Gold frame- $20

Plastic rolling drawers- $15

Plastic drawers- $10

Filing cabinet- $25

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fund Total: $1579

Dino desk (not trash). You can see the makeover of this desk from a couple of years ago here. I was so sad to sell this piece, it was like getting rid of part of Jakson's childhood, but he really was getting too big for it.- $35

Mirrored nightstand- $40

Brand new IKEA duvet (not trash). Was sitting in a closet unused for a couple of years- $20

Pre-lit deer- $40

Solid wood kitchen table- $45

Jogging stroller- $20