Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fund Total: 1177

I should really not be surprised by the kinds of things we find in trash anymore, but people never cease to amaze me.

I mean, who throws away a perfectly good KITCHENAID!!?!?!??!  Not only that, but don't people care about what ends up in the landfills at all?  For the love, at least donate it.   Thankfully, I swooped in and rescued it from it's fate.

Kitchenaid- $125

Boat shelves-$25

Wall art- $20

Monday, June 24, 2013

Fund Total: $1007

Small bookshelf- $10

Mirror (not trash, donation to the fund from my parents)- $30

End table-$20


Twin bed (someone threw this adorable thing away!!!!)- $70

Christmas stuff (yes, from the trash)- $20

 Flip charts (leftover from my school teaching days)- $25

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fund Total: $806.99

Disney gift card (received for signing up for our Disney Visa, but decided to sell because you can only use two forms of payment to pay for your trip and we'd rather have the cash.  Total is after Ebay/Paypal fees)-$42.50

Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2013 book (Ebay sale that didn't go as planned.  Oh well.)-$1.99

Gold mirror (not trash, purged from my mom's house)-$30

 Luau frames-$5     

Artificial tree-$15

Artificial plant-$10

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fund Total: $707

-$57 for Tithing

Drawer unit- $20

Heart cabinet- $40

Artificial tree- $15

Carseat cooler (not trash)- $20

Cozy coupe- $20

Foosball table- $35

Glass end table- $25
 Sterlite drawers- $15

Samsing TV (not working but we knew the problem)- $20

Life jacket  (not trash)- $10

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fund total: $487

I won't be posting all of the trash that we sold to get to this point, but starting now I'll be updating on a more regular basis.  Here are some of the highlights:

Pier 1 Chair-$70 (one of my best finds EVER!!  It was in perfect shape.)

Wood nightstand or side table-$15

IKEA wall organizer-$15

Artificial tree-$20

Overhead projector-$35

Leapfrog Move and Groove table-$20

Little Tikes Sand/water table-$25

Gearing Up Again

We were NOT planning on taking another Disney trip in 2013.  Not at all.  In fact, when the free dining offer came out for September, I looked at it, thought "hope they do it again next year" and moved on.  But then.......dang Disney sent me a pin code for free dining.  And I couldn't resist just pricing it out.

First mistake.

Then we found a FOOSBALL table in the trash.  Seriously.  Someone threw away a perfectly good foosball table.   That's some good trash money right there.

Zak and I spent weeks discussing the idea.  Going back and forth, weighing pros and cons.   This decision was not made lightly.  It's frankly a lot of work to sell trash.     People are flaky and don't show up, or say they want something and then fall off the face of the earth.   Trash takes up room and sometimes we think it would be nice to be able to park Zak's car in the garage.

In the end, we decided that we are up for the challenge: to attempt to pay for another trip with trash money.  Yesterday, we paid our deposit for our first trip to Disney World, making it a done deal.   Exciting times!

Our goal and what we've made will be on the sidebar just like last time if you want to follow along.  And the adventure begins!