Friday, February 8, 2013

So, now what?

We've been asked by several people if we are going to continue to collect trash and sell it now that our goal is met.  Our answer is YES!  Though I'm not going to be as worried about selling things as quickly, we have several other things we would like to pay for with trash money. 

1. For the remainder of February all of the trash money will go towards updating our 72 hour kits and bulking up our food storage.  I'm excited about this because it gives us some extra money to buy things for our storage that we haven't in the past. There's no budget for this.  We have a wishlist, but we'll just spend whatever we make. 

2. Trip to Disney World next year.  Not sure whether it will be spring or fall, that all depends on when the new Fantasyland is completely finished.   And when the free meal plan deal is offered.  The budget for this trip is $3000.  That includes plane tickets.

3.  This is a big one.  We want to save for a trip to London/Germany in 2014.  Zak's parents will be leaving to serve a mission for our church in a couple of weeks.  They are going to Frankfurt, Germany.  With that and our 10th anniversary, it seems the perfect time to travel.  We are still not sure if we plan to take the kids.  I'm afraid they would be bored out of their minds.  Museums/historic sites are just not all that interesting to a 5/7 year old.  Not certain what the budget would be for this, but at least $2200 just for the plane tickets (if just Zak and I go).

Sunday, February 3, 2013

GOAL MET!! Fund Total: 2253

 -41 for tithing

The end total is $68 more than what we needed!!

Ladderball (don't worry mom, not the set you gave us for Christmas)-$10

New York picture (donated by my parents)-$15

Huffy bike (donated by a friend)-$40

IKEA dresser-$50


Mirror with black frame (donated by my parents)-$40

Mirror with brown frame (donated by my parents)-$30

Armoire (donated by some friends-they were going to put it on the curb, but saved us a step by just calling us first)-$100